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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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Least of the Least - Wyatt Allen (Audio Book CD)

Least of the Least - Wyatt Allen (Audio Book CD)
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     Satanist … thief … rebel … arsonist … junkie … convicted felon … all of these describe the days of his pre-teen and early teenage years.

     Converted … earnest seeker … servant of the Savior … clean and sober … Bible student … Christian … husband … dad … all of these describe author Wyatt Allen as he is today.

     God used a 20-year prison sentence to get his attention, but once God had his heart, Wyatt has kept moving forward in serving the God of the heavens who pulled him from the wretchedness of his pit. Today, he continues to seek and serve His Savior as a Bible worker and evangelist.

     "Gathered along the bank of Missouri’s Gasconade River enjoying a summer picnic with my family, I relaxed in the cool breeze, indulged in the tasty food, and took a refreshing swim. Life couldn't get better than this.
     Abruptly, a remote, rumbling roar interrupted my serenity. Seemingly closer and closer, louder and louder, it bellowed in the distance. I tensed. Surely it meant impending doom. What was the noise? It seemed oddly familiar, yet far from natural. Where was it coming from? What did it mean? I was bewildered and confused. When it happened again the bleariness of sleep swiftly left me. I realized what it was!
     I bolted from the top bunk just in the nick of time as the count-timer buzzer suddenly yanked me from my leisurely dream. No river, no picnic, no family, just four concrete walls, a metal sink, and toilet. I stood for count just as the prison guards walked up to my cell door. Whew! That was a close call.
     Taking it all in, I just smiled. I was happy, not because of my environment, but because of my incredible, miracle-filled journey that took me in search of God. I hadn't been seeking Him, but He was seeking me. He knew my heart when I didn’t know my own. When He found me as a devil-worshiping, death-metal, head-banging, suicidal fifteen-year-old and broke through the strongholds of my life, it would never be the same again."



  1. On the Run
  2. At the Nightclub
  3. Growing Up
  4. Into Trouble
  5. Rehab
  6. Detention
  7. A New Journey
  8. The Journey Continues
  9. Learning the Way
  10. Figuring It Out
  11. Radio Preaching
  12. Meanwhile
  13. Death and Hell
  14. God Wanted My Time
  15. I Believe
  16. Providence at Work
  17. Now an Adult
  18. Jail-house Religion
  19. Being Judged
  20. The Big House
  21. The Last Stop
  22. Learning and Growing
  23. Tested and Tried
  24. Reflecting
  25. Prison Jobs
  26. The Board
  27. And a Wake Up
  28. I’m Out!
  29. A Budding Relationship
  30. Our Courtship
  31. An Engaging Woman
  32. God Meant It for Good
  33. The Least of the Least
  34. Principalities and Powers
  35. Be Thou My Vision
  36. Going Forward

WYATT ALLEN has dedicated his life to making prophetic truth relevant to people of all faiths and backgrounds. As a former drug addict and Satan worshiper, Wyatt was an all-around rebel. At age 15 he was facing two life sentences in prison. While locked up he challenged the Bible and became what he used to hate: a Christian. He then turned the penitentiary into his seminary and now shares the hope of Jesus and His soon return to thousands around the world. He has is the author of The Least of the Least, and many articles. Wyatt travels widely, holding prophecy seminars, weekend revivals, and youth retreats. He also works as a chaplain for the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Program.

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